Strategy Consultancy

We accompany professionals and companies, entities and institutions, in their reflexion procedures orientated to the elaboration of Strategic Plans.
In Trebeki, we have a vast experience in the creation and planning of strategies for very diverse challenges, as much as clients that have had confidence in our work for more than three decades; success experiences as well as failures that have made us learn how to resolve today every new problem and, to provide an added value in every of our challenges

We have studied and planned actions in social, cultural, corporate and institutional spheres… Our different element is, without a doubt, a personal methodology that is easy to implement and integrate and personalized for every organization, always orientated to measurable results.

The main services that we provide:
Our current tools are:
– Corporative Strategy
– Competitive Strategy
– Marketing Strategy
– Expansion Strategy
Just like the Implementation of the NER Model:
-New style of Relations
– Investigation y Benchmarking
– Competitive Intelligence
– Creativity and Innovation
– Integral Marketing
– Measurement of the performance and the results
– Proactive and Transparent Communication
We normally Accompany and Support:
– New social/business projects
– Corporations in difficulties
– Foreign Companies in Spain
– Spanish Companies outside
– Entities, Companies and Institutions with inquisitiveness for the Territory
– Organizations with collaborative inquisitiveness