Country management


3. Country Management

We act at the country of destination, assuming management tasks and the operative paperwork if your company or project, as much in the beginning as in the growth and consolidation stages.
Besides, we carry out tasks of Assistant Manager, taking advantage of the Communication Technologies for the accompaniment of the business in its day-to-day foreign activity.

Currently, the team of Advanced Management of TREBEKI is running projects in India, China and Mexico, three of the markets where we act with an optimum experience in the star up of industrial plants, business delegations and commercial offices.


1. Diagnoses of Foreign Potential

  • Diagnoses of the Foreign Projection Potential
    For companies that require commercializing in new markets
  • Diagnoses of the Internationalization Potential
    For companies that need to set up in new destinations
  • Elaboration of studies/researches of selected markets
    Assessment of the introduction of a product or service in the market

2. International Accompaniment

  • Commercial Missions
  • Assistance in Fairs, congresses and other events
  • Helping in the identification of the strategic and operative alliances…