Tax Consultancy


Tax field is in continuous transformation and, therefore, it requires a proper planning to be well managed and to avoid troubles.

Trebeki Tax Consultancy, joins planning and detailed analysis of every single moment of activity in order to ease the elaboration and submission of all kind of tax declaration to the competents authorities.

Some of our services:

  • Elaboration and submission of natural persons’ tax declarations
  • Elaboration and submission of commerces’, liberal activities’ and companies’ tax declarations
  • Annual planning of fiscal obligations before Financial year-end
  • Counselling in transmision operations of commodities between companies and/or natural persons
  • Advice on tax issues related to relationship between companies and Public Institutions

Moreover, supported by our Accountant, Legal, and Management Consultancy teams we provide:

  • Tax audit for activities and companies
  • Regulation in company succesion
  • Bussiness set up, settlement and transfer advisory
  • Elaboration and tracking on the differents management procedures made to defend our clients interests
  • Legal representation before Tax Court